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Ron Boyd Announces Tentative Changes in Military Retirement Benefits

Ron Boyd recently gave an announcement at the annual state bar - family law section seminar which outlined potential changes in the division of military retirement benefits:


       "Title X, Section 1408 of the United States Code - the Uniformed Services Spouse Protection Act (USFSPCA) - enacted in 1982 provides for a division of military retirement benefits to divorced spouses. Practitioners should be aware of major change to a portion of the calculation method which may dramatically affect the actual share of the retirement assets eventually enjoyed by a divorced spouse. Through a strange and unexpected addition to the 2017 Nation Defense Authorization Act the federal government now determines, through its own methodology, the amount the spouse will receive. This effectively throws out the coverture method used by most states and substitutes instead a method whereby the ultimate amount to be divided will be determined on the day of the divorce, as opposed to the member's day of retirement."


Family Law in Alabama: Practice and Procedure, a treatise written by Rick Fernambucq (first edition co-authored by Gary Pate), is available in its current edition here.


The book is updated annually, and each yearly edition is set for publication early in the first quarter of the year.

Family Law in Alabama: Practice and Procedure - Rick Fernambucq


Ron Boyd, Rick Fernambucq, and Joseph Callaway Published in Summer Edition of Birmingham Bar Bulletin

Two articles written by three of our attorneys were published in the Summer 2017 (vol. 38, no. 2) edition of the Birmingham Bar Bulletin. Ron Boyd wrote a headlining feature article entitled "The Gray Divorce Revolution," and Rick Fernambucq and Joseph Callaway co-authored a feature article entitled "Domestic Relations Update: Legislation to Change the Age of Majority." Rick and Joseph contribute a quarterly article to the Birmingham Bar Bulletin.

Charles Dunn Published in Spring Edition of Birmingham Bar Bulletin

Charles Dunn was recently published in the Spring 2017 (vol. 38, no. 1) edition of the Birmingham Bar Bulletin. Dunn wrote a featured article entitled "The Appellate Apothecary - A Few 'Did You Knows?' For the Fervent Family Law Practitioner" for this edition.

Early this summer, during the annual family law section seminar, Charles Dunn presented his case law update, in which he detailed important appellate court decisions in the state of Alabama. Dunn presented impactful and precedent-setting opinions given in the Supreme Court of the state of Alabama and the Court of Civil Appeals concerning family issues and domestic relations.

Charles Dunn Presents Case Law Update at Annual State Bar - Family Law Section Seminar