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How much will my divorce cost?

Many factors must be considered when estimating how much a divorce, post-divorce proceeding, or appeal can cost.  Chief among these factors include the amount of time that the lawyer believes will be necessary to resolve the action, the complexity of the issues involved, and the amount and type of discovery that will need to be conducted.  In addition, the lawyer may also consider the relative temperament and reasonableness of the parties, as well as the temperament and reasonableness of the lawyer who represents the other party to the action.  

At Boyd, Fernambucq & Dunn, P.C., each lawyer will thoroughly discuss the fee arrangement and the financial expectations during the initial consultation.  Each client will be required to post an initial retainer that the particular lawyer will then use to bill against, applying their stated hourly rate against the balance of the retainer on a monthly basis.  The client will receive a monthly invoice that details and itemizes the work expended on the case and the application of the hourly rate to the time expended in that month.  Either before or at the time the initial retainer amount is expended, the client may be required to post an additional retainer amount that the lawyer will then continue to use for the payment of services rendered.  The retainer will be used only to compensate for the lawyer’s time expended on the client matter, and the client will be expected to pay for any costs incurred during the representation.  No costs shall be incurred without first obtaining the client’s consent.  

If the facts and circumstances of the client’s action warrant, a request may be made for the other party to the action to be required to reimburse- or contribute to- what the client has paid.  For each client who is retained, the lawyer will produce in writing, the fee arrangement that was discussed in the initial consultation, and the client will be expected to sign the contract acknowledging their understanding of the financial expectations of the lawyer-client relationship. 

While the lawyer should be able to provide an estimate as to what fees may likely be incurred in the representation of the client, the exact amount of the actual fees generated will be determined at the conclusion of the client’s case, and the client will be responsible for assuring that those fees are paid.  It is the policy of our firm not to finance a client’s case, so the client will be expected to make suitable and appropriate financial arrangements to pay for the time and services expended by the lawyer.

Rest assured, there will be peaks and valleys along the way.  But there are sunrises and sunsets in your future… this we know. If you would like to schedule a consultation with any of our lawyers to discuss any divorce matter, post-divorce modification or enforcement issues, family law matter, or the possibility of an appeal from any final judgment, please do so by locating this information under the particular lawyer’s attorney profile.

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation. 

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