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what is an appeal and how do I appeal?

After the trial court enters a Final Judgment that resolves the action, one party to the action may wish to have an appellate court review the judgment in order to determine whether the trial court abused its discretion or erred in its application of the law to the particular facts and circumstances of his or her case. In Alabama, each litigant has a right to seek such appellate review to the Court of Civil Appeals.  An appeal is properly filed by submitting a Notice of Appeal to the Court of Civil Appeals and by paying the appropriate filing fee.

An appeal must be filed within forty-two days from the date the trial court entered the final judgment that resolved all pending matters that were before it.  If a litigant fails to file a timely appeal, then the right to appeal is lost.  Therefore, it is imperative to seek a review of a Final Judgment and to discuss your appellate options as soon as a Final Order has been entered if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your case.  

In addition to his trial practice, lawyer Charles H. Dunn heads the appellate division at Boyd, Fernambucq & Dunn, P.C., and he often has attorney Caleb Faulkner assist him in the preparation and submission of appellate briefs. Over the years, Charles has developed a reputation among peers for having a strong working knowledge of the applicable law and for researching, writing and submitting well-reasoned and persuasive appellate briefs.  As a result, Charles and Caleb have developed a state-wide appellate practice and are often referred appellate matters from other practicing attorneys.

If you need a consultation pertaining to any appellate matter, or if you need to determine whether an appeal may be warranted in your situation, you may schedule a consultation with Charles H. Dunn by contacting him here.

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